Why You Need A Marshall Backpack

Whether you prefer day hiking or plan on an outdoor adventure in the wilderness, you need to have the right equipment. You will need comfortable, supportive shoes or boots, loose fitting, breathable clothes, some dehydrated or space saving snacks, a few essential tools, a hydration bladder, rain gear, and possibly a lightweight tent. But, you need a sturdy pack to carry all your gear, regardless of how much or how little you plan to bring along.

A marshall backpack offers the space and comfort you need in a pack, with many other useful features, including:

- Sturdy, light frame.

The frame is solid, yet ergonomically designed to fit the shoulders, back, and hips comfortably. There are several sizes, so buyers can choose the one that fits best.

- Light fabric.

The 500 denier cordura fabric is rip proof and designed to protect all your gear, regardless of the weather. 

- Sturdy hardware.

The Marshall packs include coated zippers on all pouches, as well as auto lock buckles on all the compression straps. A daisy chain for attaching small accessories is included as well.

- Designed for convenience and quick access.

There is a speed zip compartment to conveniently access a sleeping back. There are 2 long pockets on the outside for scopes and other tools. A side zipper provides easy access to the main compartment. There are additional pockets on the sides for water bottles, rifles, and other accessories you may need to get to quickly. In addition, there is a compartment for adding a hydration bladder, for those who need to carry more than one or two bottles of water.

- Options.

Most models are available in at least 2 or 3 colors, such as a light green/gray that blends with the landscape, camo print, tan, black, indigo, and a few other brightly colored options. The colors available will depend on the marshall backpack model you choose for your adventures.

Why Choose Marshall?

- Performance.

The materials used in making this pack are sturdy, yet lightweight, offering high performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

- Value.

Marshall packs have quite a bit to offer for the price. They are built to last and hikers who spend plenty of time outdoors or in the wilderness can appreciate the quality and light weight of a good backpack.

- Convenience.

The design of marshall backpacks is geared toward outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, hikers, and those who spend their free time on outdoor adventures frequently. 

Marshall makes a full line of backpacks in a variety of sizes and weights, to accommodate every type of outdoors enthusiast. Some 2 day or overnight packs come with a laptop compartment, for those who need to work outdoors while carrying necessary gear. The packs are made of quality materials designed to protect gear in all kinds of weather. All models include easy access pockets and sturdy hardware designed to last. There are Marshall packs in a variety of styles, to accommodate occasional users, hikers, wilderness campers, and hunters alike, with a range of useful features.

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